The top 5 of must-see places in SLOVENIA

The top 5 of must-see places in SLOVENIA
Table of contents
  1. Postojna caves
  2. The castle of the Bled lake
  3. The white horse of Lipica
  4. Predjama castle
  5. The Savica waterfalls
  6. Skocjan caves

It is perfectly legitimate to take vacation after many months of work.  Are you planning to take a few days to relax ? Slovenia is the ideal destination. It is a very beautiful country with a rich tourist heritage. What are the must-see tourist places in Slovenia ?

Postojna caves

It is one of Slovenia’s leading tourist sites. The Postojna Caves are among the largest caves in the world. Located in the bowels of the earth, the caves are planted in a magical setting. You want to visit the Postojna caves but you are a citizen of a country that is not member of Schengen area ? You may need an ETIAS authorization. Go to to verify your eligibility.

The castle of the Bled lake

This castle is perched on a hill and overhangs the lake and the church of bled. Once in the castle, you will be able to benefit from a splendid view. However, to have access to the castle, you must pay the entrance which raises at 13 euros.

The white horse of Lipica

In Slovenia, there is a historical farm ( the oldest in the world since it was founds in 1580) called Lipica. You will be able to discover particular breed of horses there. You can even have the opportunity to learn about horses sports.

Predjama castle

This castle located in Slovenia, is a spectacle of great beauty. It hangs on a cliff and is about ten kilometers from the Postojna caves. Although it is quite difficult to climb to the top of the cliff to access to the castle, this fortress is well worth seeing.

The Savica waterfalls

They are located to the end of lake Bohinj. They  are among the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, and many tourist don’t hesitate to bathe there. The best would be to not go there in the summer. During this time of year, the flow of the waterfall is generally very low.

Skocjan caves

Although they are smaller than the Postojna caves but they are however just beautiful. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site , the Skocjan caves extend for nearly three kilometers underground. Inside these caves, a whole other world will be offered to you.

Other places such as the Kobarid world war I museum or the Vingtar gorges are also unmissable.



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