Biden plans to vaccinate 100m people in 100 days “absolutely doable,’ Fauci says

Biden plans to vaccinate 100m people in 100 days “absolutely doable,’ Fauci says

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief US infectious diseases doctor has said that the president-elect’s scheme to carry out 100 million vaccinations in his 100 days in office is “absolutely a doable thing.”

The Biggest Vaccination Drive in History

Biden has set plans into motion to combat the fallouts, both economic and physical, of the pandemic. However, Biden’s ambitious plans will have to contend with the failures of the Trump administration, whose response to the pandemic has been lackluster so far.


The numbers make for grim reading; Johns Hopkins University, on Sunday, revealed that the total number of cases recorded in the US is currently 23,760,523, with over 395,000 deaths. The incoming White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, told CNN on Sunday that over 100,000 more deaths are projected in the first five weeks of the Biden administration. Klain noted that it would take a while to stem the tide and turn things around.

Absolutely Doable

Speaking to the press, Fauci confirmed the feasibility of Biden’s plan, assuring that the target could be met: “I can tell you one thing that’s clear is that the issue of getting 100 m [vaccination] doses in the first 100 days, is absolutely a doable thing. What the president-elect is going to do is where we need to be, to invoke the [Defense Production Act] to get the kinds of things they need, whatever they may be, be the tests, be the vaccines or what have you.


‘In other words, to just not be hesitant to use whatever mechanisms we can to get everything on track and on the flow that we predict. But the feasibility of his goal is absolutely clear, there’s no doubt about it. That can be done.’


Fauci also revealed that the US is ‘weeks away to months away’ from AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson presenting vaccine data to the Food and Drug Administration.


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