What are the advantages of web hosting in Hong Kong?

Many marketing strategies will help you increase the traffic and the shoppings on your website, but reaching the asian world will surely boost your business. This is why many web owners turn to great cities in Asia, and Hong Kong in particular, likely to affect as many asian customers as possible.

Hong Kong, an access road to China and the whole Asian continent

If you have chinese customers or wish to, being hosted in China is the ideal. However, China has developed an internet strategy that automatically filters international websites. The fact is, chineses are really impatient internet users that are used to ultra fast internet connection. While being hosted outside the firewall, your server gets very slow and you can not hope that they wait for an answer. Plus, their Government filters sensitive contents and blocks without notice websites that do not respect their policy. Yet, hosting in China is not easy, as you are obliged to get an ICP (Internet Connection Provider) license before being operative, which is really a struggle.

An excellent alternative, then, is to search for web hosting in Hong Kong. Being a great crossroad in Asia and a city really near China, Hong Kong offers you many advantages of web hosting that will help you to not only reach chinese customers, but also gain more asian customers interested in your business.

Concrete advantages

Protection against DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are cyber criminal activities that harm websites and servers. In Hong Kong, several techniques are used to end DDoS attacks, especially when you choose a web host in Hong Kong like Koddos.

Speedy servers response

Hong Kong servers are powerful enough to provide sites with high-speed internet servers with great storage, enabling asian and other customers to appreciate your website and services.

Affordable price for professional support

Web hosting in Hong Kong also provides you with a good customer service in good English for a more than reasonable price. You may pay more to have the same services in China or elsewhere.

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